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Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas and Gazebos

If you have a yard or garden attached to your home, you are sure to want to design and decorate it with as much care as you do the indoor spaces. In this respect, there are a number of features and elements that can be added to the outdoor areas on your property to make them more functional. The minute you add features like pergolas and gazebos, you will be more encouraged to use the garden and yard areas, which adds to your return on investment. Both these elements add a distinct charm to your property, but many homeowners are confused about what the differences between these two are.

About Pergolas and Gazebos

Though both are outdoor elements used in landscaping, they are different from each other. Pergolas are typically added to yards that have patios while gazebos are essentially garden elements. In fact, this is the best way to remember what the difference between the two is. Trademark Hardscapes is one of the leading companies in the industry; over the years we have catered to a large number of customers and designed and installed different types of pergolas and gazebos on their properties.

What are Pergolas?

Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas are used to cover patios; however, they can also be used to cover pathways, walkways and decks. In case you want to install a pergola on the latter, we will have to build much sturdier posts and these will generally be built as part of the overall structure. We can also add pergolas to existing decks. Though pergolas that cover pathways are free-standing structures, the ones which are constructed above patios and decks are attached to the exterior wall of the house

What are Gazebos?

Gazebos are free-standing structures that are positioned at a strategic point in the garden. They naturally draw the eye to their structure and in most cases is the focal point of the landscaping. In most instances, gazebos are octagonal in shape but we can custom design square or rectangular ones as required.

The lower third of these structures could either be solid or made of railings. Posts that rise from the base hold the roof of the structures. This structure provides shelter from the elements and allows you to use the yard or garden space in a much better way, even in inclement weather.

Different Factors

Our designers provide customized solutions based on a number of factors including:

Pergolas and Gazebos
  • The location
  • Space availability
  • Size and shape
  • Your requirement & preferences
  • The styling of your home and the landscape
  • Existing materials
  • Semi-enclosed or completely covered
  • Seating capacity
  • Maintenance aspects
  • Cost Factor

For the best and customized pergolas and gazebos in Cresthill, Shorewood, Lockport and the surrounding areas, call Trademark Hardscapes on 630-290-9988. You can also use this form to contact us. You are assured of high grade solutions, with the best materials and workmanship being used and the work being completed on schedule, within the stipulated budget.

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